Grack Thany

The new album by TFO (look down this list) was one of the best releases in South Korea in 2017, but their crew’s fresh LP was also great.

Composed of Sylarbomb, B.A.C., Vanda, HNGIN, Moldy, Syunman, nopitchonair and Vonlin Yoon, Grack Thany is the most leftfield collective in this country. Their turbulent love for various genre like bass, techno, footwork, and glitch blended into the funnel of hip-hop, and “8luminum” is their first official compilation.

You will immediately notice the uncomfortable sound from the start of album, “Demolition” by HNGIN, but this uncomfortableness is far from failure as they’re ‘playing with’ the uncomfortableness they made. The total theme of the album is solidly combined to draw one direction and identity, but there is also clear diversity shown by each artist, which is the successful dialectic for the method called “compilation album.”

“8luminum” is the successful first statement for promising young crew that will expand the musical boundary of South Korean music scene. At the same time, it is one bold testimony for local manifestation of global underground dance music trend. As Grack Thany’s slogan ‘Taken from Internet’ says, the trend of crushing and distorted sound also vigorously alive in South Korea.


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