Interview: Greasy Cafe'

One of Thailand’s most acclaimed rock bands, Greasy Cafe’ tell us about their just-released new album “Technicolor”.

With multiple awards on their shelves and three full-length albums in their catalogue, Greasy Cafe’ fourth studio effort has been one of this year’s most awaited premieres in Thailand. “Technicolor” came out a few weeks ago on the influential Bangkok-based label Smallroom.

The first video off the album “Bpà dtìt bpà dtòr” (“ปะติดปะต่อ”), which could be translated as “Join Together” or “Link Up”, is dedicated to lost relationships and that particular moment when love or friendship suddenly ends.

“It is an attempt to gather memories of past relationships and patch it up with what we have lost just right now,” says Apichai Tragoolpadetgrai, the founder and frontman of Greasy Cafe’.

“The reason for choosing this song as the first single is because it is one of the songs that can best describes the overall picture of the album, its sound and the atmosphere,” Apichai explains.

The video, on the other hand, depicts how one person might be trying to bury one’s own bad past. “The colors of the clip create the sense of memory. There might be some distortion because of the lapse of time,” Apichai says. “But it also conveys the concept of Technicolor.”

For the new album, Greasy Cafe’ put aside overlapping guitars that dominated the previous three albums and experimented with different sounds they’ve never used before to express the songs’ message.

“We say with music – and the melody of the vocals – it should be enough to explain what we want to convey,” says Apichai. “If you can really hear the music, you won’t need any translation.”

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