Great Mountain Fire

Ultra groovy music from the Great Mountain Fire.

If someone asked me about the catchiest Belgian songs of the past decade, “Late Lights” would definitely be among the ones I’d mention. Some research tells me it was released back in 2011. Luckily Great Mountain Fire, who released this great single back then, is still alive and kicking, and as catchy as they’ve ever been. The best proof is “What You Want Me To Be”, the band’s most recent single, and part of “Movements”, the new album that will see the light on 20 November.

Great Mountain Fire itself describes the song as “a sweetened and authentic pop sound that oscillates between the frenzy of LCD Soundsystem, the groove of Sly & the Family Stones (sic), the mess of Ariel Pink and the classicism of Thom Yorke” and we can’t find any reason to say that they are lying or exaggerating. It looks like people in many countries will be forced to dance in their living rooms for a couple more months, and dancing is surely something that you want to do to this ultra groovy music.

It remains to be seen if Great Mountain Fire’s release show, which was already moved from May to 28 November, can take place or not – as currently all cultural events are forbidden in Belgium until 19 November included. In a way we hope the band can present the album to the fans as soon as possible.

On the other hand, this music deserves a sweaty crowd of which every member can stand as close to the other people as they want. We can’t imagine how crazy people will get once fun will be legalised again, but we bet that at a Great Mountain Fire show, people will get insane when “What You Want Me To Be” is played.


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