Mechanimal formed in Athens during the first episodes of the economic depression and social decline. Founding members of the project are Giannis Papaioannou, a well known and critical acclaimed electronic producer for more than a decade, guitarist Tassos Nikogiannis, and photographer Freddie Faulkenberry, who was the vocalist of the band till recently.

They joined forces and released their first album on Inner-Ear’s record label in 2012, a doomy elegance within dark melodies, spoken words, distorted guitars and sophisticated synthesizers.

These days, they return with a new singer, the wonderful voice of Etten and they share a song off their forthcoming release, an electronic pop joy for those who avoid light in their music preferences.

Their sonic palette that starts from krautrock music and post-punk, and goes further to underground techno and other forms of industrial noise, gives us a promise that they will come back with a welcome third album, dressed with broken words and the anxiety of modern urban life. For people drifting alone in the city, with the “Radio On”.


Photo by Spyros Kanatas

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