Mikael Delta

Electronic musician, producer and DJ for more than 25 years, Mikael Delta is one of the most characteristic figures in the Greek music scene.

Member of Stereo Nova in the 90s (like K. Bhta, whom we presented at the launch of beehype), he was always into more danceable tunes and music than his fellow partner, after the split-up of the mythical electronic band in the late 90s.

Nowadays, living between Athens and Berlin, he continues to write music – mostly instrumental – influenced significantly by the wilderness, catatonic schizophrenia and economic depression of Greek’s society. “Life Is Now” contains 11 tracks of beautiful – mainly – piano based music, joining the dots between sensual techno and minimal house.

In addition, he pauses at moments to more ambient paths, making transcendental soundscapes and creating wonderful cinematic atmospheres. The amalgamation of electronic sounds, neo-romantic melodies, low driven beats and classical music gives you a fine reason to travel to a more comfort place full of nostalgia and warmth.

The album features notable appearances of the cellist Nikos Veliotis, Hristos Lainas and Stavros Parginos, while mastering was held by G.Pal. You can stream the whole album on Inner-Ear record’s Bandcamp page or get it via Rough Trade.


Mikael Delta on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, www.

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