Sugar Factory

For young people, living in a small Greek town is not always a piece of cake. Especially if you are a musician. There are less opportunities than in urban areas of the country, particularly close to the so-called lifestyle of Athens – or even Thessaloniki.

Sugar Factory are from Kilkis, a town with 23 thousand inhabitants located in the northern part of Greece.

This guitar duo presents mainly instrumental tracks and cinematic compositions with lovely analog beats in the background. Having a broad tapestry of influences, from early film scores and jazzto krautrock and shoegaze, they manage to create intricate musical pieces.

Many of their tracks consist of fuzzy-warm pop and 90’s post-rock that gives away their indie roots. And they definitely love 7-inch vinyls, as most of their physical releases are coming out with this lovely, vintage music format.

Their impressive new video, “Chamber Music”, depicts various scenes compiled after 4 months of shooting, which took part in more than 20 locations, mostly in Greece and Dubai.

Sugar Factory on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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