The Boy

It’s the third time that we introduce a new song by the obsessive Athenian musician Alexandros Voulgaris since the launch of beehype, after the magnificent intensity of “Unicorn” and the lovely sensitivity of “Απόψε Θέλω Παρέα”, sung by Kat. Papachristou.

His latest package of songs was composed and recorded during the first days of the capital control that was imposed in Greece and the turbulent week before the Greferendum of the 5th July.

Those ten tracks were produced with the assistance of Buildings At Night, and they all have Greek lyrics, obviously influenced by the dystopian days that we live, the vanity of the short-sighted politics and the disappointing atmosphere that veils Europe.

The aggressiveness and the gloomy emotions are poured into these songs, while you are trying to find a light among the dark corners of The Boy’s psyche.

One of the interesting songs of the album is the piano-led “Tι Θα Υπάρχει Τη Δευτέρα;” (“What Will Be On Monday?”). A simple, sensitive two-minute ballad that brings some ambiguous promises for Monday’s night, before you go to sleep.

The record titled “Καλό Παιδί” (“Good Boy”) is dedicated to the American director Sidney Lumet and you can download it freely here.


The Boy on YouTube.

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