Nive and the Deer Children

Watching Nive Nielsen’s new video might give you chills. It certainly does look cold in there. And it was, with -37°C weather in Uummannaq on the day of the shooting, in what turned out to be the most severe winter in thirty years. But then again, she comes from Greenland.

An acclaimed Inuk singer-songwriter, Nive plays low-keyed acoustic songs, rooted in folk but, at the same time, deeply personal and filled with homegrown stories. With her group, The Deer Children, she recently released a new album called “Feet First.”

The record features guest appearances from Howe Gelb, Ralph Carney, Teitur and John Parish. The restrained, dark ballad, “Are You Ready,” is the first single off the record.

A few days ago, Nive released another video from the album, “Tulugaq.” Sung in the artist’s native Greenlandic language, it might be one of the most beautiful pieces we’ll hear in these last days of 2015.

“Feet First” LP will have its UK release via Glitterhouse on February 5th.


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