Whatever you’ll think about Groosha’s new songs, you’ll have to admit she’s an extraordinary singer.

Female singing-songwriting is going through a massive revival in the last decade, with dozens of great names covering virtually all genres from country to indy-pop and post-industrial. With this regard, Belorusian but now New York resident Groosha is of course trendy. However with such massive representation being trendy isn’t enough, one must also be at least a little bit unique.

Groosha doesn’t write the greatest melodies, nor is she an author of ground breaking lyrics. If we would focus solely on these aspects we would see her fall short of her most obvious direct counterpart – Regina Spector. Yes, we have to mention this name as undoubtfully this comparison will be made – as both of them are in the same genre, sharing same instrument and same ex-USSR cultural background.

However, paradoxally, great songs are not defined by great lyrics, or great melodies – there are many other ways to make it big time. For Groosha, it’s vocals that make her music really stand out. Very modest and unforced they flow unabridged, at first gentle and fragile, and then wide, big like a flood, and very touching, intimate at all times.

She is a very unusual vocalist, the kind we don’t hear much these days – where vocal power and technique is undoubtfully present, but never showcased, only used sparingly and where needed to underline otherwise very gentle musical fabric.

As such Groosha’s second album “Left the Town” grows on you the more you listen to it, at first very unassuming but calling to replay again and again, relaxing and soothing even if a bit sad. This is one of these little, unambitious records that are in fact really really great should you take a closer look.

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