Grupa Sigma

Latvian indie band Grupa Sigma has returned with powerful second album “Mitoloģijas” (Mythologies) based on lyrics of contemporary Latvian poets. That’s why it would be more appropriate to put the band in the genre of poetry-rock.

Grupa Sigma exists for more than 10 years, but their debut album “Sazroto taku dārzs” was released in 2015. It also took a while to get to “Mitoloģijas”. And here it is – a remarkable conceptual album where lyrics play crucial part, but also the music is of great importance.

Basic instruments used in both albums are the same – voice, piano, bass, drums and some strings – but they sound different. If “Sazaroto taku dārzs” was more lyrical and lighter, “Mitoloģijas” has more temper, rhythm and emotion. In the latter the main instrument is drums that give to over all sound of the album more dramatic effect.

In some pieces, for example “Aiz naida”, the drama has been achieved with string arrangements composed by Latvian composer Platons Buravickis and played by EVVEntus String Quartet.

Even the lyrics are in Latvian and for foreigner it is impossible to understand the meaning the soloist is trying to say, the music is so theatrical and literal that it perfectly translates contemporary Latvian poetry into language everybody can understand. The album is about musicality of Latvian poetry.

The dramaturgy of “Mitoloģijas” starts quite aggressive – with hysteria. Then it leads listener into a world of strange characters, visions and ideas. But at the end listener is seated into a boat that slowly drifts on a calm river to the end of the world.

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Foto: Aiga Redmane Photographer

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