Guntzepaula (槍擊潑辣)

Skillful and novel, Guntzepaula (槍擊潑辣) is a power trio consisting of prominent musicians.

Compared with how bands in Taiwan sound generally, the music of Guntzepaula is more experimental and progressive with harsher and dissonant sounds; however, their unique approach to explore creative sparks related to music structure makes the audience have more fun when listening to their work.

Their debut album “HUOZHONG” has earned critical acclaim and music awards; the second album “Black Lotus” tries to build solid bridges between bass, guitar and drums, pushing themselves to an extreme world fused with funk, jazz and metal jams.

Singing in Taiwanese, the poetic lyrics of Guntzepaula reflect the status quo and dark sides of TW society. The song “Drag Queen” is a vivid example that challenges the moral standards and social ideology with bias of general public.

Guntzepaula on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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