Gurt [O]

Olya Chernyshova – a front-woman of Gurt [O] is often associated with a smiling alien and a rave elf. Is it possible to forget her, once you’ve seen her? We doubt it!

However, there’s more to Gurt [O] (гурт [O]) than just an eclectic appearance. The Kyiv-based electro-pop band focuses on topics of FOMO, internet addiction and self-awareness in the modern age. For example, one of their singles “Mashyna” (“Machine”) declares “I’m not a machine, I’m a human”.

Luckily, there is always a place for love and kindness in the band’s songs as well. Their latest single “Tam kudy ya idy” (“Where I’m going”) has a completely different vibe and tells a story about people’s destiny, a guiding star and purpose of life. And based on the mood of the video and the melody itself you can tell that everything is going to be just fine!

Despite all biases, the band still prefers to sing in Ukrainian to keep their unique voice and introduce their native language to the Europe. Since 2017 Gurt [O] is a resident of the Masterskaya label, founded by Ukrainian pop sensation Ivan Dorn.


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