A splendid hymn to Croatian ice cream on a stick.

Guzovi (‘Butt Cheeks’ in English) is a new project in the Croatian scene, but with musicians that are known from many great bands such as Baden Baden, Heroina or Stidnice. This new project also brings a new sound, but we can shortly describe Guzovi as indie pop act.

Their first single is “Snjeguljica” (“Snowflake”) and this song is about one of the most famous local ice cream on the stick – just basic vanilla with cocoa topping. Synths, vocal harmonies, bass… This is only several things that makes this song so perfect.

If you wonder how to eat “Snjeguljica”, the best way is to google translate the lyrics (you can find them in the description on YouTube). But he’res a small part: If you forget me, I won’t love anymore, our love will not be able, to melt the ice cream…


Guzovi on Facebook.

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