Habib Meftah & Pouya Mahmoodi

Traditional folk melody from Iran rediscovered by a duo of excellent musicians.

“Falfaali” is a collaboration of two great musicians from different backgrounds. Habib Meftah Bushehri, a.k.a. Habiboo, is a Paris-based percussionist from the Southern province of Bushehr, and Pouya Mahmoodi is a London-based guitar virtuoso and one of the pioneers of the “Persian guitar”.

Music of Bushehr, on the shores of the Persian Gulf, is famous for its groovy rhythms and melodies. Habiboo is one of the most well-known Bushehri percussionists world-wide, who has collaborated for years with numerous artists around the world such as Saeed Shanbezadeh, Niaz and Le Trio Joubran.

“Falfaali” is based on an old Bushehri folk melody, written by Habib Meftah to lyrics of Mohammad Laryan, alongside the eclectic sound of Pouya Mahmoudi’s custom-designed microtonal electric guitar – which has roots both in progressive rock and Iranian classical and folk music.

Some years ago, Pouya Mahmoudi had a collaboration with a famous drummer Billy Cobham, who worked with Miles Davis. You can check it out here.


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