Haiku Garden

Some say shoegaze, others dreampop. Perhaps we could also describe this band as a pretty noisy take on indie rock. Garage rock? A bit of grunge… Whatever!

Haiku Garden is a pretty fresh band but well focused on their sound and work. The quartet’s vision is somehow combining catchy melodies with noisy guitars. It’s a 60-90 deal, as it seems they’re mostly influenced by bands from these decades (or am I?) while they manage to sound fresh – meaning they have something unique.

“Rosetta”, the first single off Haiku Garden’s first EP “Waver“, is a good presentation of what the band does – starting with drowning Beatles vocals sang by Cobain in Steve Albini’s bathroom. Then the song just starts to grow. And grow! To end in a magnificent and powerful trip.

Definitely one of the more promising younger local acts!

You can stream “Waver” EP on Bandcamp.


Picture: Matija Medved

Haiku Garden on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

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