Just a year ago, Norwegian band Hajk released their first single “Medicine” and charmed a population with heart breaking lyrics and a tender yet psych-inspired sound.

This summer, Hajk was booked to the prestigious Øyafestivalen after releasing only two songs. The gig was a hit and their song “Submarine” became a summer anthem with cheerful key chords adding to a jolly melody.

And just two weeks ago, the band released their fourth single “Magazine”, which is another delightful track adding to their small, but rich collection of musical pieces.

Hajk could be described as a laidback and reinvented 2016 version of Beach House during their best period when they came out with “Lazuli” and “Myth” and headlined all the big festivals in Europe and the US. It’s not hard to see where this is going.

On “Magazine”, what sounds like an electric piano with mild overdrive and a moving band filter combined with the texture of lo-fi recorded airy brass results in a unique sound which is hard to define after the first listening.

As vocalist and guitarist Preben Andersen explained to Noisey: “There are a lot of different sounds and textures coming in and out throughout the track, and we hope that it will make people want to listen to it over and over again to try to figure it out.”

While listing Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Amason as inspirations, Hajk told Norwegian radio station P3 they think “‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber is a cool song. Rather embarrassing. On the other hand, we love Adele and that’s not at all embarrassing.”


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