Hanna Järver

Really, really good pop song from Hanna Järver.

It´s been five years since Hanna Järver released ”Ingenting skrivet” and put herself on the Swedish indie music map. In 2018 she released the 10-points-out-of-10 album ”So Long” and she fortified her place on the top of the masses.

Now Hanna Järver is back with two new singles and a new album to be released after the summer. This time things are a bit different. If the last album was a detailed studio-album, the new material has some raw feelings with a touch of the life on the stages during tours.

The second single ”H e l v e t e” means ”H e l l” and the chorus slowly repeates itselfs with the words ”Is it better if I go to hell, to hell with you”. I guess you can interpret the lyrics in many different ways but one thing is for sure – Hanna Järver makes music about life or death instead of something in between.

The music video and the press photos confirms the drama and different interpretations of this really, really good pop song.


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