Hanna Järver

A long-awaited debut from one of the most promising songstresses in Sweden.

The appeal of “Jävla 80-tal,” the first single off Hanna Järver’s new album “So Long”, is immediate. First, it’s an incredibly sleek song, combining state of the art production and fabulous retro stylings, referencing – just as the title indicates – the “damned eighties.”

Second, it’s terribly catchy without being in your face. The music flows effortlessly, delivering one hook after another and culminating with the super-melodic chorus that will stick with you long after the song is gone.

And third, it’s emotively ambiguous, conveying an inchoate sense of longing and melancholy which makes it all the more interesting.

The very same words also apply other songs comprising the album “So Long”. Järver certainly has a knack for writing stunning tunes and makes the best use of her talents throughout the record.

The only downside of “So Long” is that it’s so short. Sill, it might be the best pop albums you’ll hear this year.

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