Future bass? Korean R&B? Contemporary pop? Enjoy the latest single from HA:TFELT.

HA:TFELT is a solo project of Ye-Eun (예은), whom people may remember as a member of Wonder Girls. She already proved her great musical capability in the 2014 album “Me?“, and last year HA:TFELT a slightly autobiographical mini-album “MEiNE“.

This year, HA:TFELT released another mini album called “Deine”, this time focusing on “You”. It implies that this artist keeps pondering on the ways of storytelling.

The lyrics of the track “Cigar” is the core element of the song. The song starts with the phrase: “I’m a cigar smoked sometimes to you” (나는 가끔 피는 / Cigar지 너에겐), expressing the sorrow and loneliness by the metaphor of oneself as the cigar smoked. This refined phrase recalls the image of a thin smoke fluttering into air – and an unrequited love.

“Cigar” could represent the emotion of love and sorrow effectively and simutaneously, because of its sound that can be classified as Future Bass.

It creates the sensuous atmosphere with the acid synthesizers, and HA:TFELT’s vocals mingle with this feeling, so the mood of the song remains consistent.

Are you curious about “contemporary” (Korean) pop? I will not say any other words, just listen the song. It will be enough, for sure.

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