Hatis Noit (ハチスノイト)

Hailing from Shiretoko, Hokkaido, Hatis Noit finally releases her international debut EP “Illogical Dance”. To our joy, we can get vinyl edition of her exquisite works.

The label Erased Tapes has recently shared the single “Illogical Lullaby”, edited by Björk’s collaborator Matmos.

On recent works, she treats her voice just like an instruments, and instruments like her voice.

Hatis Noit (ハチスノイト) has studied ballet, theater, koto, gagaku (traditional Japanese court music), and we could see these influences on XLR8R’s Podcast.

It includes a track from AKIRA’s soundtrack, ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY, Jun Togawa’s GUERNICA, which probably seems to influence Shiina Ringo’s musicality.


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