Hedgehog (刺猬)

Like birds migrating, more and more Chinese families are escaping to the south to avoid the harsh hazy winter up north.

Such is the case for Hedgehog’s bonafide drummer Atom, who has been travelling to the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture in south end of Yunnan Province since 2016 with her daughter Spring.

It became the source of the Hedgehog single “Meng Ba La Na Xi” – which stands for the ancient Dai language name for the region, and more specifically in relation to the song, the paradise all mothers wish upon their children.

Hedgehog, one of China’s most influential indie rock bands, returned this spring with their first release in four years, titled “Sound Of Life Towards” (生之响往). You can stream it on Bandcamp and Spotify, but first check out the single below.


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