Helado Infinito

Helado Infinito is a new duo consisting of Loreta Neira and Víctor Borger, a young couple from Argentina who are currently based in México.

Both of them have their music parallel projects: Loreta was part of Minnesingers and Pitucardi & Las Exploraciones Científicas, and Víctor plays also in Tototomás, Los Mutantes del Paraná and Pitucardi.

They started this new project a weeks ago, just before traveling to México: their idea is to record songs along the trip and publish a new single every month, until the end of the year when they would be publishing a whole new LP. For each song they record, they will call a friend to collaborate.

In their first single, “Para siempre es mucho”, Helado Infinito recruited Carlos Loarte (member of Madre Chicha) to produce the track, which sounds very joyful, combining elements of the Andes music (Loreta is Chilean) and folk, being part of the new wave of Latin music.

Since that first single, Helado Infinito released two more songs: a dance’y tropical track called “Paraiso” and most recently the more mellow “Ahora“.


Helado Infinito on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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