Henriette Sennenvaldt

One more amazing release from the former Under Byen camp.

Another key member of the cult Danish band has launched a solo career. Henriette Sennenvaldt just released her debut album, “Something Wonderful,” and it’s everything the title promises. A delightful record, full of complex arrangements, quirky melodies, and nocturnal atmosphere.

The music floats about, like a smoke from a cigarette, taking unexpected twists and turns, before slowly fading away. You can never expect where the song will take you, but you can be sure it’s going to be quite a ride.

Sennenvaldt’s music defies genre, fully committing to its own unique path. A gloomy chamber pop with jazzy and bluesy proclivities. Somewhere between a hazy dream and a psychedelic trip. Her half-whispered, sensual vocals only add to its peculiar ambience. Yet somehow it all works perfectly well.

While fully appreciating “Something Wonderful” might require some due diligence from the listener, it’s an album replete with creative musical ideas and teeming with emotions. Don’t miss it!

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