Hightime Rebellion

Funk, pop and psychedelia get together for the long-awaited debut album of Jakarta’s Hightime Rebellion.

Singles and EP all the way from 2011 and 2016, album supposedly released in 2013, Hightime Rebellion has been keeping their listeners on toe. Then on August 17, 2017, on the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, the long-awaited debut album has finally arrived.

“Neurobic” is everything we could hope for and probably what we did not expect from the funk pop band based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Let downs in the past from band member changes to record label falling short of expectation are overcome with an album so good and so refined.

On “Neurobic”, traces of funk, psychedelic, and pop are intertwined with shimmering melodies and irresistible beats.

Sublime sounds are there in every corner; notably on singer Miyane’s voice and when it gorgeously meets keyboardist Rendy’s voice, every time the unmistakable funk-influenced guitar parts commence, or when the surprising indie rock nuances seep through “We’re Lot Like You”.

The long-standing single “Crest of Mind” contains not even one weak spot, The Beatles-esque “Writer in the Window” is charming, and “Mountain of Voices” offers a solid finale to a tight record.

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