Himalayan Dalai Lama

One of the best Czech debut albums of this year so far comes from the Brno-based duo Himalayan Dalai Lama.

Their alpine electronic breeze, “Lama” LP brings an abstract journey with traces of downtempo, trip hop and chillwave. And even if a meditative atmosphere is disrupted by vibrant beat, introvert mood of the record doesn’t disappear. This is not an album for dancing inside a club, this is an album for dancing inside yourself.

Himalayan Dalai Lama are very conclusive with their instrumental metaphors, but they can work with vocals very well, too. A song “Somewhere Nice” with guest singer Pedro Caetano Leite, one of the highlight of the record, harbours a delicate nostalgia in imposingly culminating loop, so typical for the Lama in its wholeness.

You can stream “Lama” LP on Bandcamp.


Himalayan Dalai Lama on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

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