Hippy was Gipsy

2017 was the year of neo-R&B/Soul explosion in South Korea. Rad Museum, offonoff, Rico, sAewoo in YUNHWAY, Minje, Ku One Chan, etc. Various new R&B/Soul artists with different sense have emerged.

Emotional eruption got cooled down, but sound became much deeper and à la mode compared to the past. Among those impressive new wave of R&B/Soul, Hippy was Gipsy is the shining light of 2017. Consists of singer Sep and producer Jflow (also producer of Wavisabiroom), HWG call its music as ‘Asian Alternative’. But their music is far from superficial abuse of ‘Asian’ sound like Korean traditional string or 5-key scales. The production is based on trendy PBR&B, but gradual pace and prudent use of discreet sound create the originality of duo. The combination of sensible sound and deep voice of Sep shapes some kind of spiritual feeling, which highly reminds the concept like Śūnyatā or Wu Wei.

“Tree” demonstrates new concept about ‘Koreaness’ (or ‘Asianess’) in musical world. Without direct reference of Korean factor, HWG gently grant the natural spirit of Korea in the name of R&B and soul. Truly wise, and genuinely soothing material that Korean R&B/Soul scene has ever made.


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