Hogh Arthun

Hogh Arthun is a modern ethno-electronic project that reinterprets Armenian folk music.

Since 2021, the duo Hogh and Arthur Aleq has been gaining attention in the country’s capital, Yerevan, with their mesmerizing ethno-electronic music project called Hogh Arthun.

Following their composition of the music for the ballet called “The Color of the Pomegranate” (you can listen to it on Spotify), dedicated to the 100th anniversary of film director Sergei Parajanov, the duo continues to explore traditional Armenian music with instrumental electronic works.

Released a few weeks ago, the song “aparanjan” (“ապարանջան”), meaning “bracelet”, reimagines a composition by the pioneer of classical Armenian music, Komitas. Amidst the genocide, Komitas safeguarded Armenian folk and sacred melodies.

The ethereal voice in the piece speaks to a village boy. Though he may not reciprocate her affection, she regards him as a sacred figure.

Another single recently released by Hogh Arthun, titled “8Ohm” (“Lեռ”), which translates as “Mountain”, is a collaboration with Japanese dancer You Yamamoto.

This piece intertwines haunting sounds, synthetic voices, evocative choreography, and poetic lyrics to honor humanity’s enduring struggle and its aspiration to ascend to greater heights.


Hogh Arthun on Spotify. Hogh on Instagram and Arthur Aleq on Instagram.

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