Swedish indie group Hökartorget are releasing their new album ”Idioterna Vinner” in May. We’ve already heard the first single and we love it.

Hökartorget hail from Hedemora in the region of Dalarna in Sweden. For us down south it’s a long way up but in fact it’s in the middle of Sweden and among dala-horses and hard rye-bread they have managed to deliver brilliant indiepop since 2008. And it’s quite obvious that they come from the indie-scene in the late 2000s but they have stayed alive and every release with Hökartorget is something to long for.

This new song “Till T” (“To T”) got everything we look for in a song from Hökartorget. The energy increases and Karolinas captivating voice gets more intense for every line. Then they take it down and then bring it up again together with the drums and guitars. Classic trick from a band that praise the classic methods in music making. Not because they have stagnated, it’s because they love it.

”Vi måste tro att det blir bra” means that we must believe that it will be fine. If you don’t believe them, just walk back in their catalogue and I promised that you’ll have a delicate time in front of you.


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