The man behind the name HOLY is Hannes Ferm and when you step in to his world you´ll notice quite instant that you never ever want to leave.

I think that his strength is in his quest to never stagnate as an artist. He makes songs in the studio with his producer and then return home and to rebuild them during the nights. If the first album “Stabs” (2016) was mostly about garage rock, the upcomping album clearly is something else and the first single ”Heard Her” proves that it’s something worth waiting for.

The soundscape is huge and the strings takes your senses on a trip to everywhere. Is it a rock opera? Is it glam rock? Is it psych? Well, I guess that you could say yes to all of them but most important we have to appoint that the song is brilliant och sometimes completely stunning.

The upcoming album is called “All These Worlds Are Yours” and will be released late January next year on the magnificent label PNKSLM.


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