Some Lithuanians have sadness for breakfast and that’s totally fine. Sadness is an inspiration, a reason to create, a kind of self-defence.

I guess, Homechestra would agree with me. Their fresh tune “Sad Cruisers“ is the brightest example of what effect positive sadness can have on people. Being acoustic yet solid, playing so called “homecore” musical genre and staying real Homechestra is probably the brightest kickoff any band has made this spring in Lithuanian music scene.

Ok, maybe not a real kickoff. Rokas and Dominyka, childhood friends and roots of the band started playing together sometime in 2011. After a year they were already recording an album “Žemė Dabar Sukas Ratu” as a band Rok&Dom. Unfortunately, soon after this, the band went to a silent period which lasted till… now.

Reborn as Homechestra, armed with tight bass, drums and stronger words, they’re ready to put themselves on the map again.


Homechestra on Facebook, YouTube.

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