P. A. Hülsenbeck

Mysterious, dark, and atmospheric, P. A. Hülsenbeck has created a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming winter season.

The video for “A Serpent of Velour,” the first single off P. A. Hülsenbeck’s debut album “Garden of Stone”, features some striking sceneries. In particular, enormous boulders and rock formations that radiate with a sturdy but peaceful ambience, which create a lasting and powerful impression.

This corresponds well with the music. It starts with a deep, minimalistic groove by double bass and percussion, only to counterpoint it with free-floating sounds of electric guitar and trumpet.

Hülsenbeck’s vocals move effortlessly in the spaces between, as everything seamlessly comes together to create a truly captivating mood.

This vibe, reminiscent of David Sylvian or Mark Hollis’ music, permeates each and every track on “Garden of Stone”.

It’s a mysterious, dark, and atmospheric piece of work. One that can leave the listener astounded by just how organic everything blends together, to create an impressive and monumental whole.

An album to find yourself at peace with the vastness of nature.

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