Ed Is On

Ed Is On started as a typical garage band, with all the high school feelings and topics. But after a kind of reunion they have finally found their own style – or rather invented it.

It is something like theatre-music, with arty performances and lyrics with complete stories and interesting characters in them. Beside all of these, the music itself is really playful and daring.

Ed Is On’s unique melodies sometimes remind me of film-music (with some jazz, rock and Hungarian pop from the early ’80s). The singers – Adél Jordán and Bence Tasnádi – are actors in the same theatre in Budapest, so they really know how to use their voice.

If I had to sum up why I like this, I would say: the complexity. It is not just music. It is something more. It is a colourful experience of a multi-art piece. This is how it sounds when talent and professionalism meet.


Photo credit: Brozsek Niki

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