Let me be honest: I could never consider those musicians as real who just perform songs and not write them. Music should be art, an expression of the artist’s feelings, impressions etc. Seaside is a great example of that.

The solo project of Dániel Garamvölgyi is so suggestive that you can hear the truthfulness in every note. It will grab every human being with similar life experiences. And it won’t let you out from your room, but rather make you switch off everything except your brain and SoundCloud.

This is an eclectic and melancholic unity of clever but moderate use of electronics and acoustic soundings. And imagine this with an angelic, high tenor voice Dani has. This all causes an unearthly beautiful melody.

This is something we have already heard from Icelandic bands like Sigúr Rós. We do not have too many musicians like this here in Hungary, but I am glad that in the case of Seaside it works perfectly.


Seaside on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

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