Hycz Orkestr

Traditional Chinese music meets contemporary Ukrainian folk on Hycz Orkestr’s new album, coming out today.

Hycz Orkestr (Гич Оркестр) are a unique collective from Lviv featuring 8 members who play on guitars, violins, trumpets, trombones and more. And unique is their new album, “Pid Markoyu Ivana Yakovicha” (“Під маркою Івана Яковича”), which could be translated as “Under the Brand Ivan Yakovich” – who was an Ukrainian poet, writer and ethnographer.

The album presents a modern and joyful approach to folk music, combining anything from Slavic folk to flamenco to Asian music. There’s even some German on the album… So expect a kaleidoscopic and unpredictable experience.

Our favourite song off this effort, “Divczyna Voyaczka”, takes it to a new level. As the band explain, it’s an ancient Chinese folk song translated by Ivan Franko in 1914. A real musical journey through time and space, the song is dedicated to the “struggle of women and their wisdom, courage and beauty”.

Stream “Pid Markoyu Ivana Yakovicha” LP on Spotify.


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