Hydrogen Sea

Finally the debut album by Brussels-based duo Hydrogen Sea is out there.

The band has been convincing followers of the Belgian music scene for a few years now. In 2014 they released the “Court the Dark” EP, consisting of electronic songs that were at the same time dreamy, soothing, danceable and exciting.

“Beating Heart” was released as a single in August, as an appetiser for “In Dreams”, the full album that followed in September. If you’ve never heard about this band before, it’s an ideal tune to introduce you to their wonderful world.

The soft voice of Birsen Uçar kicks off in a quiet way, creating high expectations, accompanied by some mysterious electronics. More layers are added, one at a time, resulting in a song that urges you to put on your dancing shoes and keep dancing for a while.

You can also check Hydrogen Sea’s latest video, “Worry, just premiered here.

Stream “In Dreams” on Spotify and Deezer.


Photo: Diederik Craps

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