I Am Stramgram

Folktronica artist I Am Stramgram has just released his second album, “When The Noise Becomes Too Loud”. Its title song, which is accompanied by a video clip, nicely encapsulates the album’s meditative spirit.

The beautiful painting on “When the Noise Becomes Too Loud’s” cover synthesizes what Vincent Jouffroy, the artist behind I Am Stramgram, intends to do on his new album.

After three years of touring across France and foreign countries, and the first LP “Tentacles” alternating between folk and powerful guitars riffs, he offers us 12 new dreamy tracks, even more infused with naturalist poetry and instrospective electronic production.

But what could have been a simple retreat from the modern life bustle is actually a more complex (and exciting) reflection on self-isolation from external interactions, making parallels between being immersed in noises and being immersed in water. On both sides, what remains is a sensation of “apnea”, a meditative state which helps us let everything flow around us.

The title song, with its serene – but still catchy – ambience, perfectly illustrates this symbolism. In a slowed down and minimalist video, directed by Tuperhero, Vincent is facing the camera, singing a heady chorus above delicate electronic beats, similar to water lapping.

This relaxing feeling grows until a flamboyant finale, in which we could drown for hours. A truly comforting experience.

Stream “When The Noise Becomes Too Loud” on Spotify.


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Photo: Vincent via RAS Production

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