I Quartieri

After a six years absence, I Quartieri are back with the new single “Vivo Di Notte” (I Live by Night), and they’ll release their second LP after the summer.

They are from Rome and immediately grabbed a lot of people’s attention with their debut EP “Nebulose”, released in 2010. The LP “Zeno” followed in 2013, but then, Fabio Grande, the band’s leader, had to dedicate more and more time to his work as a producer. Anyway, the band is back now, with their unique blend of traditional Italian songwriting and their modern and imaginative sound.

The main strength of I Quartieri was always in the way their sound perfectly represented the atmosphere described in the lyrics. This new song is no exception: even if you don’t speak Italian, you can actually feel the unmistakable vibe of the night life, especially when you realize you’re going to sleep when a lot of people are probably waking up.

So, just close your eyes, listen and you’ll definitely live the moments when you come back from an intense night out and your thoughts run free. A very good appetizer for the new album.


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Photo: Giulia Trasacco

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