Iamme & Cermaque

Back in 2015, Cermaque (Jakub Čermák) and Iamme Candlewick (Andrea Čermák Knotková) – a married couple of fruitful Czech songwriters – and their one-year-old baby girl packed themselves up into an old volkswagen van and hit the road around the Europe.

Their journey took six months and as they were passing through the old continent, they filmed a short document, learned yoga, animated videoclips, wrote poems and – primarily – met a lot of people and made songs with them.

After their arrival back to Czech(ia), they have arranged and transformed their raw musical material into an album, or rather into an impressive songwriting travelogue and musical diary called “Gravitace” (Gravitation).

The lead single “Racci” (Seagulls) manifests their record aptly. It gives us a deliacte folk structure, an atmosphere of lightness and harmony of wandering without any fixed plans. Through resourceful lyrics, it lets us take a look into a relationship of two people in love.

The videoclip, which is an DIY patchwork of video-fragments collected on the road, amplifies everything written above.

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