New LP from Budapest-based multi-instrumentalist and producer iamyank has just been released and he is still (at least) as good as he was when we first wrote about him.

On “Hiraeth“, iamyank’s futuristic and melancholic melodies are still really remarkable. But the album also brings new feelings and waves.

His music has become much more frustrated and a bit more aggressive too. All the peace that held and relaxed me when I was listening to in his previous works has all but disappeared.

The whole feeling is definitely upset. It seems like iamyank wanted to go deeper, but eventually started to dissect himself.

And a similar thing might happen to the listener. “Hiraeth” is definitely worth checking out, but be aware that this record’s atmosphere is so powerful that it will certainly have an effect on your mood too.

You can stream “Hiraeth” LP in its entirety here.


Photo: ThePOSZT

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