KRÍA is a young Icelandic singer, composer and producer based in London, whose debut EP “Low Hype” came out in August, now followed by this oneiric video.

“I wrote the song about two years ago and it’s basically about acknowledging different sides to yourself,” says KRÍA (real name: Elísa Einarsdóttir) when we ask her about “Hiding”. “Since I was a teenager, I’ve never felt I fitted in anywhere and have been sort of blaming myself for being insecure.”

“When I moved to London I was so excited to live on my own and start a new life that it had an outlet in an array of emotions the first year. And as cheesy as it sounds. I was finding out who I am,” adds KRÍA.

“And writing the song was really therapeutic because in the lyrics I’m talking to myself and recognising the shy, insecure part of me and being OK with that. In the video I’m visualising the shy part of me that’s hiding in the water.”

You can stream “Low Hype” EP here.


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