Mr. Silla is a nickname of actually a female singer-songwriter and producer Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, who you might know as a longtime voice of the beloved group múm.

But the Reykjavík-based artist has also been working on her solo career. Finally, after long years of waiting, we will get a chance to hear it this Friday when “Mr. Silla” LP comes out via 12 Tonar label.

While the first single off the album, “Breathe”, is a delicate, pulsing song rooted in the atmosphere of the 70/80s electronica, it comes with an extremely dense, often brutal video.

Directed by Thora Hilmarsdottir, the film was shot in the night-light of the never-setting sun of Icelandic summer, and yes – assisted by professional fighters.

According to Sigurlaug, “the struggle between the characters relates to the feeling in the song of wanting to find a way and a place to come to an understanding, and being at peace with one another when things are not going so well in a relationship.”


Mr. Silla on YouTube, Facebook.

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