Estonian-born, London-based singer Iiris has just released her new EP “Hope” including her best music yet – although rooted in rather heavy-hearted sentiment.

The mini-album includes her 2015 semi-hit “Iridescent Love“, which has been deservedly making waves internationally. It was followed-up two weeks ago by an equally captivating, self-directed new video “Hope”.

This new single, as the 24-year-old artist explained, is about a time in her life “when hope was confusing”, contradicting feelings she had at that time. “I think that the human life is not only about achieving structure,” she wrote, “but also about feeling the everlasting movement and the chaotic unknown that comes with it.”

Two other tracks included on the EP, “Continuum IX” and “Utrecht”, further develop Iiris’s all-encompassing sound that draws from electronic pop as well as minimal music and – as far as immediate melodies and tension-building silences are concerned – traditional songwriting.

While the title single off the release is itself worth at least a few spins, you can stream “Hope” EP in its entirety on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes.


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