Best known as the female singer in Calle 13, where she performed alongside her brothers, Ileana Cabra Joglar, or iLe as she calls herself now, is getting ready to establish herself as a solo artist.

Four years ago she already amazed us with a stunning rendition of Roberto Anglero’s classic song, and her first album, “iLevitable”, largely continues in this vein. The music can be described as contemporary take on the vintage bolero style, referencing the popular “corta venas” or “wrist slashers”, as the gloomy type of ballad she performs is often called.

“Canibal”, the first single off the album, finds Ileana in top form, with her amazing voice leading the song and the lush arrangements comprising a timeless style that immediately strikes a chord.

In recent years we have seen many amazing videos coming from Puerto Rico, and “Canibal” is no exception: with its picturesque cinematography and intriguing idea, it is well worth watching in itself.


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