Ilo & Friends

Rock band Ilo & Friends represents a Belarusian national minority, which is quite big in Eastern Poland.

That’s why being born, raised and based in or around the officially Polish city of Białystok they sing mostly in Belarusian and are considered to be a part of both Polish and Belarusian music scenes.

The band was started in 2005 around female singer Ilo Karpuik with her recognizable flying jazz-tinged vocals. Their third album, “Circle” (“Кола”), is a mix of art-rock rhythms, jazz and folk influences. It might sound a bit classic, but it’s tight, focused and beautiful.

While you can stream the whole album on Bandcamp, here’s one of the highlights: a song named “Dosyts” (“Досыць”), which means “Enough”.

Ilo & Friends on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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