Imane El Halouat

On her debut EP, Imane El Halouat augments classic indie/alternative sound with her outstanding songwriting.

Imane El Halouat is a Moroccan-born, France-based, young artist who released her debut EP called “Chrome Plate” just a few weeks ago, and this mini-album is a beauty.

It includes just 6 short songs, which could have been recorded a decade or two ago, but the EP doesn’t sound like retromania at all. There might be several reasons for that: the quality of her songwriting and captivating, melancholic, but not depressing vocals. If she’s fragile, she’s fragile in the way that makes the listener trust her that’s the right place to be.

The first song we heard from this EP was “How Long (When you’re Ready)” and we’ve kept it on repeat ever since. But any of the other five songs might be your favourite depending on your current mood. And the whole thing makes us expect Imane El Halouat’s full-length debut with great impatience – and great hope.

Meanwhile – if you might be in Toulon, France later in December, we strongly recommend you going to Bière de la Rade club to see her with the band live on stage.

Stream “Chrome Plate” EP on Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud.


Imane El Halouat on Instagram, Facebook.

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