Another great release from the Future Nuggets collective. They seem to be spoiling us every few months or so with amazing music. They really can’t go wrong. If you’re not following them by now, you are really missing out.

This version of “Regina Tristetii” is a bit different from the manelelectronics one, which appeared last year on the “Cântece de petrecere” EP from Ion Din Dorobanți. Actually, it’s totally different, apart from the lyrics.

This new and improved track sounds obviously heavier than the previous one, but it still manages to make you shake your hips, while you head-bang. That’s quite a feat. And it’s mostly because of Horațiu Șerbănescu and Andrei Dinescu, the guys behind the keys. And really, the synthesizers are the backbone of this song.

As DJ Khaled would say: major key alert! Get it? Because of the keyboards. Yes, I had to make that joke.

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