imugi 이무기

Criminally under discussed, “Vacasian,” is the debut release from unhurried Auckland dance pop act imugi 이무기.

The duo have been on a slow boil since 2015, marrying singer Yery Cho’s smooth pop vocals with sunkissed electronic production from Carl Ruwhiu.

Throughout “Vacasian”s five song running time, hues cribbed with classic boogie funk, vintage R&B mid 2000s Californian glo-fi, luminous mid-atlantic beat music, and perhaps even yacht rock and city-pop, bleed in and out of each other, threaded together by ascendant falsettos, swirling synth pads, and tales of lust and yearning, and the odd spoken word section.

I don’t have a lot to say about imugi 이무기 right now, but I’m hopefully I’ll have a lot more to say about them over the years to come.


Stream “Vacasian” on Bandcamp.

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