Adam & the fish eyed poets

Kishore Krishna is a funny guy – often holing up inside his bedroom studio for prolonged periods of time, to reward us with consistently good rock n’ roll. “More Songs From An Island” sees Krishna return after quite a while, having been prolific between 2010-12, releasing as many albums in three years.

His band Adam & the fish eyed poets have played way lesser live shows than one would really like, but that doesn’t keep us away from giving the records a spin. The new album is a continuation from the last effort, “Songs From An Island”, if you’ve been keeping track.

While the whole album, comes together really well as a cohesive piece, Krishna’s introduction of newer instruments makes a hark back to his older music, but definitely hints at greater production dreams.

“Wormwood Eyes” off the new record is definitely my pick of the whole album. While it illustrates his new sound, being the second on the tracklist, makes it a great example of what to expect furthermore on the record.

You can stream “More Songs From An Island” LP in its entirety here.


Adam & the fish eyed poets on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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