Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing, while a tad cheesy, is an ideal name for the coming together of Jivraj Singh (drummer, and of Parekh + Singh fame, PINKNOISE amongst other projects) and Sanaya Ardeshir (Sandunes, for the uninitiated) to make music.

Having had the opportunity to spend some time with them in studio (to make an introductory video for the Red Bull Music Academy), a few observations to come to mind instantaneously.

Both musicians seem to understand the other’s thought process, and all songwriting works keeping that direction in mind – as collaborative and seamless as possible. Singh does mention to me, as an aside, that collaboration music can often be gimmicky and a cool thing to do, but Ardeshir and Singh sway far from it, tipping hats to the others’ musicality.

“Tangerine Fool” is the first of their few songs due later in early 2016, and having watched their only live show until now, a couple of weeks ago – it’s safe to say we’re hoping for them to play many shows in the near future.

Seeing this music come together and play out in the live atmosphere is both thought-provoking, and difficult to stand still to – and definitely sees Sandunes take a tangential direction from her solo material, with the aid of Singh on drums.


Sandunes on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook. Jivraj Singh on TwitterSoundcloud, Facebook.

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