Peter Cat Recording Co.

I remember watching PCRC first when I was a college student in the city of Pune. Besides being sucked in to their hypnotic jams, irrespective of the clutzy diners at the club, what stood out for me time and again was the ease with which the New Delhi musicians did what they did.

If their first album, “Sinema”, was anything to go by, the band would have a huge following soon enough, but it wasn’t to be so – especially when the band followed it up with a forgettable second record.

When news of the third record hit, I was secretly thrilled and hoped for a repeat of the first gig I saw them perform, no matter how many more I had seen in between.

With a low turnout on the given night in Mumbai, the band, unstirred and irreverent, delivered a cracking performance, reminiscent of early days and a confidence enveloped in their laid-back attitudes. The music is back, and hopefully there’s more to come.

In a larger context, PCRC aren’t anything close to being quintessentially Indian – but if you meet them, you’ll know where it’s all coming from. If there’s anyone who can laugh at themselves, it is this band.

You can stream “Climax” LP in its entirety on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


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